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Buyers on Amazon, as we all know, rely on reviews and star ratings when making purchasing selections. Thus the quality of the products you sell can make or break your business. The problem is, how to ensure the quality of the products you sell?

 Luckily, Amazon FBA product inspection services are available. It's available in China and other parts of the world. As a result, you won't have to be concerned about the product's quality.

 In this article, you will find out the 10 best FBA inspection companies in Amazon FBA Inspection. Also, we will explain the different types of inspection and its outcome. With all this information, you can find the best FBA inspection companies that suit you. Let's get started!

What is Amazon FBA Inspection Process

What Is Amazon FBA Inspection?

Amazon FBA Inspection is a service that opens for Amazon sellers worldwide who want to fulfill orders. It ensures that the manufactured products meet the Amazon FBA's fulfillment requirements.

 When a sale is made, FBA merchants deliver their products to Amazon. The Amazon inspectors will conduct a standard inspection to check if the product and packaging comply with Amazon FBA's terms.

 There are almost 2 million FBA sellers on Amazon. Thus, sellers must ensure that the shipments they receive meet Amazon's FBA regulations. In this case, this pre-shipment inspection service helps global FBA sellers avoid having the cargo rejected by Amazon.

What Is WFS Inspection?

WFS stands for Walmart Fulfillment Service. For a price, it enables vendors to contract out inventory control. Walmart takes over the order process when a customer orders from a merchant who uses WFS.

 On behalf of the seller, WFS completes the order, handles returns, and offers customer assistance. Sellers can benefit from Walmart's effective logistics capabilities by using Walmart Fulfillment Services. Also, Walmart's logistics division offers a trusted, reliable fulfillment method.

FBA  Inspection  Vs. WFS Inspection

A high-level comparison of inspection from Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Walmart Fulfillment Service (WFS) is below:

1.   Region

While FBA accepts worldwide shipments, WFS only accepts domestic shipments.

2.   Size of Products

For FBA, it allows you to sell products of any size. WFS has restricted product weight and limited product dimensions.

3.   Fees

Compared to WFS, Amazon FBA has lower fulfillment costs.

4.   Shipping Labels

WFS does not offer shipping labels to vendors; Amazon does.

5.   Fulfillment Options

FBA offers more fulfillment options, and you can do multi-channels. But you cannot do it with WFS.

6.   Fulfillment Centers

FBA requires sellers to deliver goods to several fulfillment centers, whereas Walmart sellers only need to deliver to one fulfillment center. 

Why Do We Choose Amazon FBA Inspection

FBA Sellers are actually not required to have their items inspected by Amazon. But somehow, getting your products inspected is worth the additional cost. It can cost you less and gain more clients in the long term. Below are the benefits of performing Amazon FBA inspection:

1.   Achieve Amazon FBA Requirements

Sellers must adhere to specific requirements set forth by Amazon FBA. When sellers prepare and send their merchandise to a fulfillment center, an FBA inspection by Amazon verifies that your products adhere to the standards. Hence, you may carry on with business easier.

2.   Fewer Products with Defects

Items are checked for quality following the seller's criteria. As a result, quality issues can be resolved before sellers make payment. It prevents sellers from getting a shipment of goods they can't sell. Additionally, it shields sellers' brands from unfavorable comments.

3.   Proper Packaging

Before they are dispatched, many of these services check the products' packaging. It is to ensure it keeps the item safe until it reaches the Amazon warehouse. The FBA inspection shields the seller from the price and inconvenience of sending products back to the manufacturer. Besides, it prevents sellers from wasting time attempting to secure a refund.

4.   Labeling Check

The majority of inspection services additionally verify that all labels are accurate, readable, and meet Amazon FBA criteria.

 Top 10 Inspection Companies In Amazon FBA Inspection

1. Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas is one of the best FBA inspection international companies specializing in testing, inspection, and certification. The corporation has subsidiaries in the Americas, Europe, and other regions, including EMG Corporation, LCIE Bureau Veritas, etc. It also has a robust distribution network across these countries.

Business Segments:

Certification, Consumer Products, Industry, Buildings & Infrastructure, Agri-food & Commodities, and Marine & Offshore.

2. SGS

SGS S.A. is the best FBA inspection company in the world and is regarded as the gold standard for quality and integrity. The corporation employs over 94,000 people and has over 2,600 offices and laboratories worldwide.

They have an extensive range of world-class inspection and verification services. It includes monitoring the condition and weight of traded items during transshipment. These services aid in the control of quantity and quality. It also helps meet all essential regulatory standards across various countries and marketplaces.

Business Segments:

Agriculture, food & life, minerals, oil, gas, & chemicals, consumer & retail, certification & business enhancemSent, industrial, environment, healthcare, & safety, transportation, and government & institution.

3. Qima

The cost of Qima Inspection is more than the cost of other inspections. But, it has an extensive range of products and services. Also, its service reliability is unrivaled.

Qima is an excellent option for sellers ready to pay a little more for a comprehensive solution. It includes checks for ethical sourcing and other extras. They charge $309 per day for comprehensive production monitoring. The charge is also applied for cargo inspection and container loading.

Business Segments:

Apparel, textiles & accessories, eyewear, electrical & electronic, toys, jewelry, cosmetics, technical parts, and foods.

4. V-Trust

V-Trust has Amazon prep centers and inspection teams in China, Vietnam, and India. For $368 to $598, they can inspect the seller's products throughout manufacture. They also have a simple online quoting system. In fact, it is one of the easiest China inspection businesses to work with.

Business segments:

Electronics & components, electrical & home appliances, lights & lighting, furniture & furnishing, home & garden, beauty & health, apparel, textiles & accessories, gifts, toys & pet products, packaging & office supplies, industrial, construction & tools, auto & transportation, agriculture & food.

5. AQIService (AQIPTS)

Founded in 2004, this Dongguan-headquartered company was railed as one of the best FBA inspection companies. It has 18 years of expertise and a global network of highly-trained technical inspectors. Besides, this company has auditors operating across Asia in 12 countries and regions.

 They offer professional quality control services in Asia. You can find production monitoring services across the whole supply chain. It covers product creation, sourcing, quality control, and shipping and delivery. The best part is that they sent the inspection and audit report before 6 p.m. CET. It was on the same day that they provided service. Thus it saves sellers much time.

Business Segments:

Apparel, textiles & accessories, electrical & home appliances, lights & lighting, furniture & furnishing, toys, machinery & equipment.

6. KRTinspection

The most well-known U.S.-owned inspection firm is KRT Audit Corporation. It is handled by third-party China and Asia inspection agencies.

KRT inspection covers the inspection service over Asia and China. It has professional inspectors and factory auditors in 14 countries. They also have 30 years of experience in the inspection industry and about 575 inspectors, auditors, and office support employees.

Business Segments:

Apparel, textiles & accessories, arts & crafts, cosmetic & fragrance, writing instruments,  electrical & home appliances, lights & lighting, furniture & furnishing, toys, machinery & equipment.

7. Eurofins

Eurofins Scientific is an international life sciences company. It offers a comprehensive range of analytical testing services in various industries. Eurofins works with the world's largest corporations to guarantee that the products they sell are safe. It also ensures that the components are genuine and that the labeling is correct.

Business Segments:

Food, environmental, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products, laboratory services for genomics, discovery pharmacology, forensics, CDMO, and advanced material sciences.

8. Pro QC

Pro QC is one of the Best FBA inspection companies internationally. They have a total of 18 offices, and they offer services in over 88 countries.

The company collaborates with Falabella. It is a large Latin American internet store specializing in products from China and Southeast Asia. They work in various industries and have approximately 40 years of quality experience. They also offer a variety of custom inspection and factory auditing services.

Business Segments:

Apparel, textiles & accessories, electrical & home appliances, lights & lighting, battery industry, machinery & equipment.

9. AQF (Asia Quality Focus)

The entire marketing strategy of Asia Quality Focus is built on time-to-market. They want to be the inspection service sellers turn to when they need something done immediately. You can schedule inspections for the same day. Within 14 hours, the organization will deliver a report to you.

Business Segments:

Apparel, textiles & accessories, electrical & home appliances, lights & lighting, furniture & furnishing, automotive parts, and toys.

10. Sofeast

Renaud Anjoran is a lead auditor for ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. Since 2005, he has worked in the Chinese manufacturing industry. He then established the Sofeast group to provide QA and product development services. Also, it provides services such as project management, SCM, and contract manufacturing.

The Sofeast group also provides fulfillment services for importers. It includes sellers that manufacture their own products and purchasers from Southeast Asia. The Sofeast Group can assist sellers in better understanding Chinese suppliers. Furthermore, vendors will install appropriate supply chain and quality control procedures.

Business Segments:

Apparel, textiles & accessories, electrical & home appliances, lights & lighting, furniture & furnishing, automotive parts, toys, machinery & equipment.


Hiring a product inspection firm might help safeguard your business from negative publicity. It also shields your Amazon listings from negative feedback. It's possible that the pricing is uncomfortable for your business plans. Yet, it is preferable not to bring an untested and unproven product to market. Quality products can set you apart from your competitors. Hence, working with one of these companies is the most fantastic method!

Remember not to find only the best FBA inspection company, but the one that suits you the most! It helps you to succeed in your online business career. If you need more information regarding Amazon FBA inspection, do not hesitate to talk to us!


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