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How To Make Third-party Inspection Successful? | AQI Service

Have you struggled with the quality of the product but were unable to invest in the pre-shipment inspection? Are you inspecting your orders before its shipping, but do not want results? How do a few importers find success with the third-party oversight, whereas others fail to see similar returns on their investment? For the success with third-party inspection, you need to focus on several reasons which are responsible for not getting the results of an inspection: The third-party inspection may reveal that it’s too late to fix the production process. Your third-party inspector can use a plethora of specifications to verify the quality of your product. Or the factory can’t fix their defects found during the initial inspection process. The good news is that there are some steps which you should take care to get success with the third party inspection. Clearly state product requirements & expectations The most common mistake made by most of the i