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When Your Products Failed Inspection

Have you imagine that with importing from China: Lead-time is tight as ever. The customer has the pressure on to their stores by a certain date. and You’re already late on the shipment because the factory delayed in the production schedule. Now, you just found the products have failed a quality control inspection. Is that just bad luck? But now let's focus the inspection and make clean to know what should we do when an inspection fails? Well, you already know that lead-times are always tight, customer or marketing chase you with a certain date, and factory delays are generally out of your control. but when you received a failed inspection report, your decisions and actions will directly influence not only the current order but also how the factory/vendor should work with solving the problem in the future. As you know each failed inspection report result will require some individual attention, those are the certain guidelines should be followed and discussed: 1. Don't waste time

Importance of LFGB Certification & Ways to Gain This Certification

Importance Of LFGB Testing and Certification In the era of globalization, neither people are being fettered by the border of a country, nor products are being sold only in the local market. With the development of our country’s economy, the advancement of technology, and the versatility of our needs, people are travelling across the world for different purposes, and products are being available almost everywhere in the world regardless of its origin. For example, foods that are being produced in Asian can be seen in EUROPE or America. Reversely, European or American foods have gained popularity in Asian markets.  With an aim to examine as well as uphold the quality of foreign products, different countries have established different organizations and set different standards. LFGB is a German standard especially for food products and others that are closely connected to foods such as food packaging materials, kitchen, and household items wherein there is a possibility of being migra