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What’s The Most Suitable Inspection? PSI Inspection or 100% Inspection?

The pre-shipment inspection (PSI Inspection) usually refers to the inspection at the stage when goods are packed for shipment. we can arrange a full inspection or partial inspection during pre-shipment and thus every buyer finds it difficult to select the appropriate strategy. Since pre-shipment inspection incurs a lot of money, we will discuss how to figure out the cost-effective pre-shipment inspection ( More about  the PSI Service). Inspection Package In Alibaba It is mentionable that three inspections are most prevalent in  Alibaba’s Trade Assurance program . If you place an order here, you have to pick any one of  Three Options . Option-1 :  In this package, Alibaba’s service team checks carton quantity. Also, they check one carton to identify visual defects and another carton to confirm whether packaging and shipping marks are properly done. Whereas, they do not check the quality of goods anyway. This package costs only $48. Option-2 :  Bureau Veritas’ team spend a max