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Sanitary Ware Product Inspection | Quality Inspection Checklist

Before understanding the sanitary ware product inspection service, we knew lots of sanitary ware manufactured in Foshan/Chaozhou/KaiPing/Wenzhou/Dongguan area in China, then what is sanitary ware products included? Types Of Sanitary Ware Made In China & Asia Sanitary ware items are made up of ceramic ware and other materials used in Toilet/Basin/SPA/WC/Sink/Bathroom/Urinal. Some of the sanitary ware products are Toilets. Wash basins. Pedestals. Bidet. Urinals. Sinks. Bathtubs. Faucets Accessories like: Soap holder/trays. Ashtrays. Towel Rod. Toilet paper holder. And some other products are made by ceramics. Inspection Checklist A. Factors In Quality Inspection During the product inspection service, some comment factors will be checked: Quantity Product description/style/color Workmanship Testing/checking Data measurements Packaging Marking Learn more about  Quality Inspection Standard  and  AQL Table B. Common Defects During the product ins