What Is A Sourcing Agent? Do You Need A Sourcing Agent?

What Is A Sourcing Agent?

Sourcing Agent

A good sourcing agent offers some advantages to your company. They help in streamlining activities, maintaining low costs, and planning on product delivery within the shortest time possible.

When looking for an agent, you need to know what you are looking for and be sure that you can benefit from their work. Before hiring one, understand how they work so that you get maximum benefits.

What Is A Sourcing Agent?

A sourcing agent is a person or agency that represents a company (buyer) to source and buy products in developed countries far from the buyer. Sourcing agent plays a crucial role when importing overseas.
Traditionally, the work of a sourcing agent is to look for supplies for the buyer. However, the services of the sourcing agent can entail other services depending on the agreement with the client. Some of their other services include sourcing the right supplies, bargaining prices, following up production, verifying the quality, shipping and more.
A sourcing agent may be good at what they do. However, when it comes to quality control, they may miss it by a considerable margin. Hire an independent person to help overcome such problems. Since their task will only be inspection, they will work according to international standards.

What Is A Pre-Shipment Inspection?Pre-Shipment Inspection Is The Inspection Of Products Before They Are Shipped. It Is Done By A Sourcing Agent Or An Inspector To Ensure That Goods Are In The Right Condition Before Shipping Begins.

Here are some essential checks:
  • Labeling follows company standards
  • Packaging protects the product against breakage or leakage
  • Quantity of every shipment should be equal in the entire freight
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Using a sourcing agent when importing goods far away is a great idea because they help you cut costs. They play an important role in helping you find a good producer. But when it comes to quality control, you should consider a third party inspection agency (Check with AQI Service)for the best results.
They help you to avoid quality issues that can arise when you rely on a sourcing agent to conduct a quality check. Third-party inspectors prove to be reliable in quality control. They send representatives to handle the pre-shipment inspections before production is complete. They confirm that all the products meet the company standards when it comes to packaging, quantity, and labeling. Being professionals they are, you can be sure to get quality products, avoids risks and extra costs. (Check more about the Inspection Costs)

What Is A Sourcing Agent? Do You Need A Sourcing Agent?: What Is A Sourcing Agent? Do You Need A Sourcing Agent? what're the differences between the sourcing agent and third-party quality control inspection company

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