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Amazon FBA Inspection In China

Amazon FBA Inspection

How to sell on amazon? If you’re planning to sell on Amazon, it’s crucial to know that the quality of your products matters a lot. Amazon has put in place FBA rules to improve the quality of products that sellers get at all times. To ensure that you follow all the strict Amazon FBA rules, we strongly recommend that you use Amazon FBA inspection services for your shipments from China.
As an Amazon seller, the success of your business relies on the quality of products that you sell. For instance, selling goods with poor packaging or damage can significantly harm your reputation since most of the buyers are likely to leave negative reviews.
According to statistics, nearly 15% of all FBA orders are returned by customers with the main reason being the presence of faulty or damaged goods. So, to keep your reputation and earn trust from your customers, you need to ensure that all your products meet the seller’s guidelines. This involves proper packaging and ensuring that the goods arrive without any damage.
Amazon FBA inspection companies are 3rd party businesses that offer helpful services to sellers to ensure that the products are of good quality and they arrive safe and sound.

Here Are Some Of The Things That You Should Do:

  • Inform the supplier that the products will be inspected and the AQL standard will be used.
  • Don’t work with suppliers who don’t accept quality inspection
  • Make sure you have a contract agreement and a purchase order all the time
  • Avoid paying the full amount until the inspection is done.
Most suppliers are reluctant and slow in response once they have received full payment. Withholding partial payment will give you more leverage which pushes them to respond quickly and fix the issues.

Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI Inspection)

Pre-shipment inspection is concerned with detecting problems before goods are packed and ready for shipping, which makes the process easier and cheaper. Inspection companies usually offer 3 types of quality inspection:

A. Full Inspection (Defect Sorting Service)

Each of the product is reviewed.

B. Spot/Random Inspection: 

About 10% of the products are reviewed.

C. AQL Random Inspection:

Samples are picked using AQL Sampling technique for reviewing.
While the full inspection will cost you more, it is the most reliable method. Think about this, a partial inspection is done, and out of the 100 products picked, 20 of them have defects. What does this mean? Chances are that there could be more products with defects as well.
When this happens, you can either accept the risk that 20 products out of the 100 pieces could be defective or top up the amount for a full inspection to be certain that the goods are of the right quality. Obviously, a sure bet is to conduct a full inspection. You can also review the entire quality control process, find out how the defects were made to tell if more products might be defective then make a decision.

AQL Calculator

Use our AQL Calculator to Find your Required Sample Size, Click here to use the free tool.

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