6 Key Steps should be checked During Container Loading Inspection

What is Container Loading Inspection

Container Loading Inspection

To avoid unknown things goes wrong when the goods loaded into a shipping container or the products shipped by LCL. Buyers will choose Container Loading Supervision (CLS) as one of the best solutions for importers to make sure that the loading process is fine and the package as per conditions stated on the purchase contract. Normally this type of inspection service will be conducted by a third-party inspection company while the container is loading at the facility or logistics warehouse.
For some importers, they request container loading check for every container which benefit to them for saving time and money in custom clearance when the container arrived the port

When Do You Need Container Loading Supervision?

  • When the inspection is a must process.
  • When the loading plan or requirements has to be respected (for example the shipping marks on carton should be all faced to on the side.);
  • When the products from different factories are consolidated by the buyer (or his supplier is a trading company) into full containers: it is essential to check the factories brings correct quantity of products; (for example the furniture like sofa, table, cabinet, chairs, lights, may come from different factories.);
  • When the buyer does not trust his supplier at all and is afraid that the wrong type of products will be shipped out;
  • When the outer packing is used as retail packing, the supervision has to make sure the workers make the boxes in container fit nicely and no damage.
6 Key Steps should be checked During Container Loading Inspection: When Do You Need Container Loading Inspection? What is should be ready before the inspection? and what're the 6 key Steps should be checked?

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