What Does Quality Control Inspector Will Do in a Quality Inspection

What is Quality Inspection

Quality Control Inspector in quality inspection

A quality inspection is a series of activities such as examining, measuring, and testing one or more products and comparing results with the buyer’s requirements. The aim is to check whether the products meet the buyer’s expectations. and The quality inspection will be done by a professional called the quality control inspector.
The inspector acts on behalf of the importer by checking the quality of the finished goods if they have any faults. In short, they help importers to achieve their standards it has in place on imports. 
For the success of any business, quality control is essential. Why? Achieving 100% perfection is impossible, especially when dealing with a large number of goods. During the production, variations in terms of skills applied and materials used are bound to happen. And the varieties, in turn, affects the overall quality of the product. 
Businesses need to conduct quality control and inspection to ensure that quality products reach buyers. This entails coming up with standards on what level of quality is acceptable. The goal is to confirm that the product meets the needs of the end-user. 

Duties Of The Quality Control Inspector 

Before products are shipped, the quality control inspector visits the manufacturer’s premises to inspect the products. The inspectors use appropriate methods (Related: 5 types of different quality inspection services) like the AQL Sampling method to review the products to certify that they meet the required standards and importer’s expectations. 
Some of the responsibilities of the quality control inspector include:

  • Familiarising himself with the buyer’s specifications
  • Checking the production to ensure that it meets the required standards
  • Asking for adjustments on the production process as appropriate 
  • Running tests and inspections on the end products
  • Taking measurements of the products 
  • Accepting and rejecting products that don’t meet the standards
  • Discussing with the manufactures the findings of the inspection
  • Submitting a report on the inspection process and the results to the importer

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