Man-day Calculation in Quality Control Services

Man-Day Calculation

Man-Day Calculation

Please note that each check we calculate the working hours based on the following information and then switch to the working day required for service:
  • – Time spent at the inspection site.
  • – Travel to and from the factory takes only half of the time. (Usually, we calculate the travel time in the morning)
  • – The working hours of each inspector are calculated separately.
  • –According to the location of our QC inspectors, we usually send the QC inspectors closest to the factory first to save more travel time for services
So the time for each inspector or auditor will be counted like below, and then the customer will know the number of man-days
  • 1 Man-day: Can be up to 11 hours but inspector left no later than 6 PM
  • 1.5 Man-days: 11-16 hours
  • 2 Man-days: 16 or more hours
Please note overtime cost will be charged if inspection delays after than 6 PM.

Check more Man-Day Calculation Examples

Source: Man-day Calculation in Quality Control Services: How to calculate Man-day required in Quality Control Services? How many Man-days required in a Pre-shipment Inspection or Container Loading Inspection?

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