How Does A Third-Party Inspector’s Day look Like in Product Inspection?

A Third-Party Inspector’s Day In Product Inspection? 

How A Third-Party Inspector’s Day Looks Like in Product Inspection? did you ever used Third-Party Inspector for quality control in China?

Ever found yourself wondering how the Third-Party Inspector’s day looks like during product inspection? You may find yourself bothered by this question for some reason, like to understand their charges. Although many people think that the inspection is a simple process, there are lots of planning that goes into making it a success. In this guide, we take you through what only the QC inspector does before, during, and after the product inspection.
  • 1. Contacting The Manufacturer

Before traveling to the factory, the inspector will contact the factory to find out what’s the status of the order. This action also allows the inspector to verify contacts of the manufacturer provided in the details from the client. The inspector uses this opportunity to notify the manufacturer of the dates they’ll be visiting the company for inspection.
  • 2. Traveling To Factory

When the appointed day arrives, the third-party inspector travels using the appropriate means to the factory. The inspector may start the journey early, depending on how far the premise is from the inspector’s location. Most QC companies do not allow inspectors to accept or make any traveling arrangements covered by the manufacturer.
  • 3. Arriving At The Factory

Once close to the factory, the inspector notifies the factory and the inspection company head office before arrival. Upon arrival, he/she meets with the factory representative and reviews the order before inspection commences.
  • 4. Carrying Out Product Inspection Or Other Services

The third-party inspector starts the exercise by confirming the product quantities. Using an appropriate sampling method, the inspector picks samples corresponding to the client’s AQL limits. (What’re the AQL Limits? Click Here) The inspector then checks the samples using tests, checking the results against the required standards. (Learn more about Product Inspection Services)
  • 5. Writing And Submitting Draft Inspection Report

After the inspection, the product inspector compiles a report on the inspection process and the finding. He then submits the report attaching relevant pictures and data to the inspection company head office. Staff in charge of client service and operation goes through the report and requests for clarification from the inspector where required.
  • 6. Having Factory Staff Sign Appropriate Forms

Inspection companies have protocols followed by the inspectors to ensure the report truthfully provides what was covered. The Factory Integrity Declaration form filled by the factory staff details the inspection and how the inspector conducted himself. The second form obtained from the staff is the Draft Inspection Report. This is a brief report with pictures that shows the factory’s rep understands the details of the inspection report. The factory representatives then sign the two forms.
  • 7. Leaving The Factory

Before the third-party inspector leaves the factory, the report needs to be roughly approved at the office. Once the staff at the office confirm that the report meets all the criteria and has everything required covered, also the factory representative cleared with the findings, they will notify the inspector that he can now leave.
  • 8. Prepare Detail Report

When the third-party inspector back from the factory to the office, he will double review all the photos or videos to check if the client’s requirements are all included. Then he will work out a detail report and submit to the report approver; the account manager will send out the detail report to the client after the report been approved


Like you have seen, the inspection process requires loads of work. The inspection can last for more than a day, depending on the number of items to cover and how do the products complicated? Hopefully, you now understand how a third-party inspector’s day looks like in product inspection. You can now go-ahead to hire an inspection company to help you with the inspection of your products.

Source: How Does A Third-Party Inspector’s Day look Like in Product Inspection?: How Does A Third-Party Inspector’s Day look Like? Here are 8 steps for what the Third-Party Inspector does before, during, and after the product inspection.

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