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What Does Quality Control Inspector Will Do in a Quality Inspection

What is Quality Inspection A quality inspection is a series of activities such as examining, measuring, and testing one or more products and comparing results with the buyer’s requirements. The aim is to check whether the products meet the buyer’s expectations. and The quality  inspection will be done by a professional called the quality control inspector. The inspector acts on behalf of the importer by checking the quality of the finished goods if they have any faults. In short, they help importers to achieve their standards it has in place on imports.  For the success of any business, quality control is essential. Why? Achieving 100% perfection is impossible, especially when dealing with a large number of goods. During the production, variations in terms of skills applied and materials used are bound to happen. And the varieties, in turn, affects the overall quality of the product.  Businesses need to conduct quality control and inspection to ensure that quality product

How Does A Third-Party Inspector’s Day look Like in Product Inspection?

A Third-Party Inspector’s Day In Product Inspection?  Ever found yourself wondering how the Third-Party Inspector’s day looks like during product inspection? You may find yourself bothered by this question for some reason, like to understand their charges. Although many people think that the inspection is a simple process, there are lots of planning that goes into making it a success. In this guide,  we take you through what only the QC inspector does before, during, and after the product inspection. 1. Contacting The Manufacturer Before traveling to the factory, the inspector will contact the factory to find out what’s the status of the order. This action also allows the inspector to verify contacts of the manufacturer provided in the details from the client. The inspector uses this opportunity to notify the manufacturer of the dates they’ll be visiting the company for inspection. 2. Traveling To Factory When the appointed day arrives, the third-party inspector t

Man-day Calculation in Quality Control Services

Man-Day Calculation Man-Day Calculation Please note that each check we calculate the working hours based on the following information and then switch to the working day required for service: – Time spent at the inspection site. – Travel to and from the factory takes only half of the time. (Usually, we calculate the travel time in the morning) – The working hours of each inspector are calculated separately. –According to the location of our QC inspectors, we usually send the QC inspectors closest to the factory first to save more travel time for services So the time for each inspector or auditor will be counted like below, and then the customer will know the number of man-days 1 Man-day: Can be up to 11 hours but inspector left no later than 6 PM 1.5 Man-days: 11-16 hours 2 Man-days: 16 or more hours Please note overtime cost will be charged if inspection delays after than 6 PM. Check more Man-Day Calculation Examples Source:  Man-day Calculation in Quality Con

Comprehensive Guide to ISTA 6 Amazon Test Requirements

Comprehensive Guide to ISTA 6 Amazon Test Requirements : Comprehensive Guide To ISTA 6 Amazon Test Requirements ISTA Testing Amazon requires online sellers to meet specific criteria to guarantee the safety of their shipments. Amazon has a series of tests known as Amazon ISTA tests that check if the seller complies with all the requirements when shipping packages. The goal of these tests is to optimize the delivery of goods and ensure they are free from damage. Amazon package testing  consists of testing protocols to find out if the package can survive all the stages of the supply chain. The contracts are developed by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). ISTA is an international body that focuses on designing protocols to be observed in the supply chain. To achieve its objective, ISTA has many types of tests that each company can apply depending on how suitable the protocols are in checking their products and the supply chain. Although these protocols feature different se

5 Critical Packaging Quality Control Elements Importers Should Not Skip

5 Critical Packaging Quality Control Elements After importing products from abroad, it can be quite annoying for your customers to find out that they are damaged. Most of the importer only give attention to the quality of products forgetting that checking the packaging quality is equally crucial. Whenever products get damaged along the way during supply, the blame is often on poor packaging. To ensure that your products survive the fulfillment network, conducting a thorough packaging inspection is essential. With lots of things to perform during the quality inspection, you might be wondering where should you start. Well, here are 5 crucial packaging quality control elements that determine if your products will withstand the harsh conditions during shipment. 1. Confirm Quantities And Packaging Assortment Small consumer goods are usually packed together in large cartoons for easy transportation and handling in the warehouse. The challenge is that the staff at the retailer’s