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How To Make Third-party Inspection Successful? | AQI Service

Have you struggled with the quality of the product but were unable to invest in the pre-shipment inspection? Are you inspecting your orders before its shipping, but do not want results? How do a few importers find success with the third-party oversight, whereas others fail to see similar returns on their investment? For the success with third-party inspection, you need to focus on several reasons which are responsible for not getting the results of an inspection: The third-party inspection may reveal that it’s too late to fix the production process. Your third-party inspector can use a plethora of specifications to verify the quality of your product. Or the factory can’t fix their defects found during the initial inspection process. The good news is that there are some steps which you should take care to get success with the third party inspection. Clearly state product requirements & expectations The most common mistake made by most of the i

When Your Products Failed Inspection

Have you imagine that with importing from China: Lead-time is tight as ever. The customer has the pressure on to their stores by a certain date. and You’re already late on the shipment because the factory delayed in the production schedule. Now, you just found the products have failed a quality control inspection. Is that just bad luck? But now let's focus the inspection and make clean to know what should we do when an inspection fails? Well, you already know that lead-times are always tight, customer or marketing chase you with a certain date, and factory delays are generally out of your control. but when you received a failed inspection report, your decisions and actions will directly influence not only the current order but also how the factory/vendor should work with solving the problem in the future. As you know each failed inspection report result will require some individual attention, those are the certain guidelines should be followed and discussed: 1. Don't waste time

Importance of LFGB Certification & Ways to Gain This Certification

Importance Of LFGB Testing and Certification In the era of globalization, neither people are being fettered by the border of a country, nor products are being sold only in the local market. With the development of our country’s economy, the advancement of technology, and the versatility of our needs, people are travelling across the world for different purposes, and products are being available almost everywhere in the world regardless of its origin. For example, foods that are being produced in Asian can be seen in EUROPE or America. Reversely, European or American foods have gained popularity in Asian markets.  With an aim to examine as well as uphold the quality of foreign products, different countries have established different organizations and set different standards. LFGB is a German standard especially for food products and others that are closely connected to foods such as food packaging materials, kitchen, and household items wherein there is a possibility of being migra

What’s The Most Suitable Inspection? PSI Inspection or 100% Inspection?

The pre-shipment inspection (PSI Inspection) usually refers to the inspection at the stage when goods are packed for shipment. we can arrange a full inspection or partial inspection during pre-shipment and thus every buyer finds it difficult to select the appropriate strategy. Since pre-shipment inspection incurs a lot of money, we will discuss how to figure out the cost-effective pre-shipment inspection ( More about  the PSI Service). Inspection Package In Alibaba It is mentionable that three inspections are most prevalent in  Alibaba’s Trade Assurance program . If you place an order here, you have to pick any one of  Three Options . Option-1 :  In this package, Alibaba’s service team checks carton quantity. Also, they check one carton to identify visual defects and another carton to confirm whether packaging and shipping marks are properly done. Whereas, they do not check the quality of goods anyway. This package costs only $48. Option-2 :  Bureau Veritas’ team spend a max

Sanitary Ware Product Inspection | Quality Inspection Checklist

Before understanding the sanitary ware product inspection service, we knew lots of sanitary ware manufactured in Foshan/Chaozhou/KaiPing/Wenzhou/Dongguan area in China, then what is sanitary ware products included? Types Of Sanitary Ware Made In China & Asia Sanitary ware items are made up of ceramic ware and other materials used in Toilet/Basin/SPA/WC/Sink/Bathroom/Urinal. Some of the sanitary ware products are Toilets. Wash basins. Pedestals. Bidet. Urinals. Sinks. Bathtubs. Faucets Accessories like: Soap holder/trays. Ashtrays. Towel Rod. Toilet paper holder. And some other products are made by ceramics. Inspection Checklist A. Factors In Quality Inspection During the product inspection service, some comment factors will be checked: Quantity Product description/style/color Workmanship Testing/checking Data measurements Packaging Marking Learn more about  Quality Inspection Standard  and  AQL Table B. Common Defects During the product ins

FBA Inspection in China | Amazon FBA Inspection Checklist | AQI Service

Amazon FBA Inspection In China How to sell on amazon? If you’re planning to sell on Amazon, it’s crucial to know that the quality of your products matters a lot. Amazon has put in place FBA rules to improve the quality of products that sellers get at all times. To ensure that you follow all the strict Amazon FBA rules, we strongly recommend that you use Amazon FBA inspection services for your shipments from China. As an Amazon seller, the success of your business relies on the quality of products that you sell . For instance, selling goods with poor packaging or damage can significantly harm your reputation since most of the buyers are likely to leave negative reviews. According to statistics, nearly 15% of all FBA orders are returned by customers with the main reason being the presence of faulty or damaged goods. So, to keep your reputation and earn trust from your customers, you need to ensure that all your products meet the seller’s guidelines. This involves proper packaging

6 Key Steps should be checked During Container Loading Inspection

What is Container Loading Inspection To avoid unknown things goes wrong when the goods loaded into a shipping container or the products shipped by LCL. Buyers will choose Container Loading Supervision (CLS) as one of the best solutions for importers to make sure that the loading process is fine and the package as per conditions stated on the purchase contract. Normally this type of inspection service will be conducted by a third-party inspection company while the container is loading at the facility or logistics warehouse. For some importers, they request container loading check for every container which benefit to them for saving time and money in custom clearance when the container arrived the port When Do You Need Container Loading Supervision? When the inspection is a must process. When the loading plan or requirements has to be respected (for example the shipping marks on carton should be all faced to on the side.); When the products from different factories are consolidated by

What Is A Sourcing Agent? Do You Need A Sourcing Agent?

What Is A Sourcing Agent? A good sourcing agent offers some advantages to your company. They help in streamlining activities, maintaining low costs, and planning on product delivery within the shortest time possible. When looking for an agent, you need to know what you are looking for and be sure that you can benefit from their work. Before hiring one, understand how they work so that you get maximum benefits. What Is A Sourcing Agent? A sourcing agent is a person or agency that represents a company (buyer) to source and buy products in developed countries far from the buyer. Sourcing agent plays a crucial role when importing overseas. Traditionally, the work of a sourcing agent is to look for supplies for the buyer. However, the services of the sourcing agent can entail other services depending on the agreement with the client. Some of their other services include sourcing the right supplies, bargaining prices, following up production, verifying the quality, shipping and mo

How China’s Coronavirus will Impacts your Businesses in China

Will the Coronavirus Impacts Your Businesses In China? With the current outbreak of coronavirus throughout China, China’s response to the novel coronavirus outbreak is unprecedented in human history. and China’s unprecedented efforts are endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) But businesses are having to consider how to effectively utilize their employees under the situation where physical contact between individuals is being restricted to a very high degree. and that’s also very urgent to review how China’s Coronavirus will Impacts your businesses in China. 1. Current Situation:  Recognize the current situation of Coronavirus in China. you can read lots of news from the Internet(  Xinhua News ). 2. Workers 3. Conditions To Resume Production? 4. Will The Suppliers Keep Delivering? 5. Logistics, Delivery 6. Cash In Hand Summary Now is an ideal time to conduct a health check on your business as it is impacted by China. Conduct an inventory of planned shipments

What Does Quality Control Inspector Will Do in a Quality Inspection

What is Quality Inspection A quality inspection is a series of activities such as examining, measuring, and testing one or more products and comparing results with the buyer’s requirements. The aim is to check whether the products meet the buyer’s expectations. and The quality  inspection will be done by a professional called the quality control inspector. The inspector acts on behalf of the importer by checking the quality of the finished goods if they have any faults. In short, they help importers to achieve their standards it has in place on imports.  For the success of any business, quality control is essential. Why? Achieving 100% perfection is impossible, especially when dealing with a large number of goods. During the production, variations in terms of skills applied and materials used are bound to happen. And the varieties, in turn, affects the overall quality of the product.  Businesses need to conduct quality control and inspection to ensure that quality product