Top 5 Ways in Garments Inspection to Ensure Quality Standards

What is Garments Inspection Standards To Factory?

The quality of product or service quality is what keeps the high number of customers that any business requires to be prosperous. The market is too competitive to ignore quality.
This is even more critical when dealing with garments, especially now that quality is much more difficult to master due to their production and garments inspection being so labor-intensive. In contrast to larger-scale, machine-made goods that could be produced in huge quantities with the precisely same specs for each piece, garments are mostly hand-stitched.
Due to human error, this method increases the risk level of discrepancies across products and, subsequently, unsatisfactory quality levels.
However, despite all the complications in ensuring consistency in the quality of the garment, the concerned business needs to ensure that any variance in quality is as minimal as possible to meet consumer expectations. Otherwise, the importer may lose their buyers to competitors offering better quality standards.

Managing Garment Quality Control

The 4 ways most commonly used in the garments inspection include:
  • – Conducting on-site testing during the production process;
  • – Tolerance for measurements; and
  • – Testing in the lab.
  • – Workmanship defects Classification
  • – AQL for Garment Inspection
Source: Top 5 Ways in Garments Inspection to Ensure Quality Standards: How to manager the quality of garments? we listed the Top 5 Ways in Garments Inspection to Ensure Quality Standards and quality level of garments.

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