Top 10 AQL Terms That Importers Succeed in AQL Inspection

Original Article: Top 10 AQL Terms That Importers Succeed in AQL Inspection: How much you know the sample size in an AQL inspection? Here are the 10 AQL Terms for getting started using AQL to reliably assess your product quality.

AQL Terms

As an importer going about your business, often you’ll come across such AQL terms as AQL Inspection, AQL standard, ANSI certification, AQL 4.0, AQL 2.5, AQL 1.5, and many others. But what exactly do they mean?
Typically, your manufacturer may locate over 1000s of kilometers away from you. You may not be able to travel to China and inspect your products personally all the time because of the huge cost involved or other good reasons. This means that you can’t be in charge of every small detail in the manufacturing procedure because you aren’t at the factory when your goods in production.
So, how do you ensure the highest quality standards for your shipment from far away?
This is where 3rd-party quality control (QC) inspection companies come in. An inspection company ensures that the manufacturer follows your requirements to meet the expectations. They’ll make sure that the required quality specifications are maintained between pre-shipment quality checking and the final products that reach you. Obviously, you don’t want to hurt the integrity of your business by selling your customers products that are defective or of quality that’s below par.
The AQL table helps you set the highest tolerance levels for any manufacturer’s faults in your shipped goods. The table sets out the guidelines for sampling and inspection of the sampled products out of your whole shipment.

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