Bassinets and Cradles Quality Control and Compliance Guide

Quality Standard For Bassinets And Cradles?

Bassinets and Cradles Quality Control and Compliance Guide (3)ASTM F2194-13, the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Bassinets and Cradles, contains the specific requirements and descriptions of the required tests
The standard seeks to minimize the risk of deaths and injuries associated with the use of bassinets and cradles, including those related to infant falls, entrapment, or structural and design problems.

What Are The Requirements For Bassinets And Cradles?

The ASTM standard includes performance requirements specific to bassinets and cradles, general performance requirements, and labeling requirements. The key provisions of the ASTM bassinets and cradles standard include the following:
  • • Spacing of rigid components/fabric-sided enclosed openings – intended to prevent entrapment between slats or other rigid components that are under the fabric sides.
  • • Static load – intended to ensure the product is structurally sufficient to hold the intended occupant.
  • • Stability – intended to address incidents where a sibling, looking into the bassinet, might tip it over.
  • • Sleeping pad thickness and dimensions – intended to prevent suffocation or asphyxiation as a result of gaps between the sleeping pad and non-rigid sides of a fabric or mesh bassinet.
  • • Side height – intended to prevent falls from the product.
  • • Flatness of segmented mattresses – intended to prevent asphyxiation of an occupant lying face down in a segmented mattress joint.
  • • Rock/swing angle – for products that swing or rock, this requirement is intended to prevent entrapment due to the swing angle.
  • • Warnings – intended to alert the caregiver to infant fall and suffocation hazards when using bassinets and cradles.
The ASTM standard also includes:
  • (1) requirements prohibiting small parts;
  • (2) requirements prohibiting hazardous sharp points and edges;
  • (3) unintentional folding requirements;
  • (4) requirements for the permanency and adhesion of labels;
  • (5) requirements for toy accessories to meet ASTM F963 Toy Safety standard
  • (6) scissoring, shearing, or pinching requirements,
  • (7) corner post requirements,
  • (8) requirements for fasteners,
  • (9) requirements pertaining to bassinets that are accessories to play yards or non-full-size cribs,
  • (10) restriction requirement for restraints,
  • (11) openings requirements,
  • (12) protective components requirements
  • (13) requirements for warnings and instructional literature.

Bassinets and Cradles Quality Control and Compliance Guide What Is Your Bassinet Product Inspection Checklist For Pre-Shipment Inspection? Ans What Is The AQL Standard For Inspection?

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Bassinets and Cradles Quality Control and Compliance Guide: Here is the Bassinets and Cradles Quality Control and Compliance Guide for importers, to better understand the test standard and additional requirements.

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