A Comprehensive Guide to Quality Inspection Costs

 Quality Inspection Costs in China

If you are planning to import goods from China, then mastering how quality inspection works is important. When it comes to quality inspection, there seems to be some dissatisfaction with certain factors. One of the major issues where importers and QC companies seem to disagree is on Quality Inspection Cost (Check AQI All-inclusive prices).
Usually, there are two types of buyers, each with different views on the cost of services:
  • Type 1: Agree that the pricing is fair
  • Type 2: Not comfortable with the cost
A Comprehensive Guide to Quality Inspection Cost and quality control in ChinaAt first Type 1 consists of importers who believe that the prices are reasonable.  These buyers are quick to say yes when they hear that inspection costs $299 per day of work. What makes them quick to accept the charges?
Most of them come from countries whose quality inspection companies charge high fees. They also take into consideration the amount that it would have cost them to fly to China and oversee the whole process, which is higher. As a result, they prefer using quality inspection companies in China.
Contrary, Type 2 buyers think that the charges are exaggerated. Most of them will just directly compare the inspection cost to what English-speaking employees earn in China (around 6,000RMB) then divide it by 30 days.
While the margins can be deceiving, they don’t take into account the main cost that the company incurs in setting up a network through, supervisory, training, internal control, overhead costs. Product inspection companies also spend on client communication, travel expenses to factories, social security, taxes, and more.
Buyers from the first category are also ready to pay an additional fee if that’s what it takes for higher reliability and better service.
Most of the buyers in this category are buyers from medium to big companies who want to get everything right. They allow companies like AQI Service to survive by understanding and appreciating their contribution. However, this doesn’t mean that they want to pay extra. The buyers want to ensure that the fees are within limits in the market. Besides, they focus on speedreliability, and convenience but not getting the “best deals.”
Another difference with buyers from category 2 is that they are after deals that favor them (reduce their expenses). These buyers will only pay the market price for quality inspection cost when it’s the only option. They are risk-takers who can compromise quality for something cheap. But, do you think this is rational? Well, not always. Paying the inspection companies well ensures that they will do their job and get it right.

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Source: A Comprehensive Guide to Quality Inspection Costs: How to Reduce Inspection Cost in Your Quality Control? Check this Comprehensive Guide to Quality Inspection Costs and get your own ideas.

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