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A Comprehensive Guide to Quality Inspection Costs

 Quality Inspection Costs in China If you are planning to import goods from China, then mastering how quality inspection works is important. When it comes to quality inspection, there seems to be some dissatisfaction with certain factors. One of the major issues where importers and QC companies seem to disagree is on Quality Inspection Cost (Check AQI  All-inclusive prices ). Usually, there are two types of buyers, each with different views on the cost of services: Type 1: Agree that the pricing is fair Type 2: Not comfortable with the cost At first  Type 1  consists of  importers who believe that the prices are reasonable .  These buyers are quick to say yes when they hear that inspection costs $299 per day of work. What makes them quick to accept the charges? Most of them come from countries whose quality inspection companies charge high fees. They also take into consideration the amount that it would have cost them to fly to China and oversee the whole process, which i

Bassinets and Cradles Quality Control and Compliance Guide

Quality Standard For Bassinets And Cradles? ASTM F2194-13, the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Bassinets and Cradles, contains the specific requirements and descriptions of the required tests The standard seeks to minimize the risk of deaths and injuries associated with the use of bassinets and cradles, including those related to infant falls, entrapment, or structural and design problems. What Are The Requirements For Bassinets And Cradles? The ASTM standard includes performance requirements specific to bassinets and cradles, general performance requirements, and labeling requirements. The key provisions of the ASTM bassinets and cradles standard include the following: • Spacing of rigid components/fabric-sided enclosed openings – intended to prevent entrapment between slats or other rigid components that are under the fabric sides. • Static load – intended to ensure the product is structurally sufficient to hold the intended occupant. • Stability – intended t

Top 9 Packaging Tests that Ensure Your Products are Safe

What are the Top 9 Packaging Tests? Many importers tend to overlook the importance of product packaging. Well, poor packaging is one of the leading causes of product damage during delivery. Several things that can affect your product’s packaging from environmental factors to handling stress. Therefore, you need to ensure that the packaging can survive all the hazards along the way. Packaging tests are a great way to find out if the products are packed using the right materials that keep the items inside safe throughout the fulfillment network. Conducting a series of tests can help in detecting faults and solving them before the delivery process begins. We provide you with the top 9 lab tests that enable you to keep your products safe until they reach your customers. Source:  Top 9 Packaging Tests that Ensure Your Products are Safe : Here we provide you with the top 9 packaging tests that enable you to keep your products safe until they reach your customers.

Top 5 Ways in Garments Inspection to Ensure Quality Standards

What is Garments Inspection Standards To Factory? The quality of product or service quality is what keeps the high number of customers that any business requires to be prosperous. The market is too competitive to ignore quality. This is even more critical when dealing with garments, especially now that quality is much more difficult to master due to their production and garments inspection being so labor-intensive. In contrast to larger-scale, machine-made goods that could be produced in huge quantities with the precisely same specs for each piece, garments are mostly hand-stitched. Due to human error, this method increases the risk level of discrepancies across products and, subsequently, unsatisfactory quality levels. However, despite all the complications in ensuring consistency in the quality of the garment, the concerned business needs to ensure that any variance in quality is as minimal as possible to meet consumer expectations. Otherwise, the importer may lose their buyers to co

What if You Need to Book Defect Sorting Job: 100% Check

Why Are You Need a 100% Check? Summary: What exactly you need to take into consideration before you go ahead to schedule a full inspection or hire a 3rd-party QC inspection firm for a product 100% check job? Recently, FBA sellers contacted us to book for a full inspection of their goods — and they wanted every single product to be checked independently! Earlier, they’d discovered defects and manufacturer’s faults on a number of batches. Rather than repairing them, they’d decided to pull them apart from other products. Most likely they wanted the factory to sell these faulty products locally and don’t ship to Amazon warehouse. ( Related:  FBA Inspection ) However, peak season coming, there is no time to negotiate with the factory, sellers requested me to come up with a solution for the defects and send them to the warehouse asap. so we send a team of 3 inspectors to work on the products for the next 2 days, beginning the following day. Such a defect sorting job, i.e. a checking service

Top 10 AQL Terms That Importers Succeed in AQL Inspection

Original Article:  Top 10 AQL Terms That Importers Succeed in AQL Inspection : How much you know the sample size in an AQL inspection? Here are the 10 AQL Terms for getting started using AQL to reliably assess your product quality. AQL Terms As an importer going about your business, often you’ll come across such AQL terms as AQL Inspection, AQL standard, ANSI certification, AQL 4.0, AQL 2.5, AQL 1.5, and many others. But what exactly do they mean? Typically, your manufacturer may locate over 1000s of kilometers away from you. You may not be able to travel to China and inspect your products personally all the time because of the huge cost involved or other good reasons. This means that you can’t be in charge of every small detail in the manufacturing procedure because you aren’t at the factory when your goods in production. So, how do you ensure the highest quality standards for your shipment from far away? This is where 3rd-party quality control (QC) inspection companies come in. An