Solution for Small Business - China Inspection Services Quality Control in China & Asia

Solution for Small Business - China Inspection Services Quality Control in China & Asia: Here are quality control solutions provided by AQI Service for small business owner or e-commerce online sellers whom import from China.

3 Major Risk For Small Business Importing From China

1)Poor product quality
  • Products that were manufactured at an inferior standard — note that this is quite common, even when the buyer received a perfect pre-production sample.
  • Products that got damaged during transportation.
2)Inappropriate labeling and packing
  • Wrong labeling
  • Weak export cartons, or inappropriate individual product packing.
  • Oversized export cartons
3)Using the wrong logistics provider
  • Delayed deliveries with little or opaque information
  • High custom duty fees

Solutions For Small Business/E-Commerce Online Sellers

How can you control and prevent those risks?
a) Supplier Verification
  • Avoid scams and inexperienced vendors.
  • Other benefits
  • Solve the specification and quality problems during manufacturing process
  • Other benefitsM
  • Know the final quality of your shipment
  • Other benefits
  • Perform 100% inspection, to ensure each piece can meet client’s requirement
  • Other benefits

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