Product Information and Details You Should Provide

Product Information and Details You Should Provide: Are you planning to request a third-party inspection of your products? here are required product information you Should Provide to China inspection Company

Are You Planning To Request A Third-Party Inspection Of Your Products From The Inspection Company?

If yes, then you might be unsure about what product information to provide them.
Well, this guide is for because we provide you with a checklist of everything you need to provide to allow smooth inspection.
Remember that it is advisable that you provide the product information at least 1 week before the actual day of service.
That said, let’s look at the required details for:

Product Inspection


  • Full contact info of your supplier including their address
  • Purchase order of your goods to be inspected
Highly Recommended:
  • Photos and description of issues found in in the past with the products or the supplier
  • An approved sample of the product in finished retail packaging. It should bear artwork, barcodes and color stickers.
  • If you don’t have an approved sample, provide full description and pictures of the product.
  • Packaging; this includes inner carton, master carton, retail carton, and polythene bag.

Product Shipment Specifications:

  • A full description of the packaging method
  • Weights
  • Sizes
  • Markings and any important artwork
  • Copy of warranty card, catalog, instruction manual, etc.
  • Silica pack requirements
  • Packing list and any shipping documents required
  • Special loading or packing requirements

Item Specifications:

  • Material types
  • Weight
  • Size
  • PMS color requirements
  • Testing requirements

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