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What is a Quality Control Inspection Checklist? How to Prepare a QC Checklist

Article source: Importers: I have my own design and worked with factories in China now, should i prepare an inspection checklist for sourcing and quality control? how to create the checklist for product sourcing and inspection? What's a quality inspection checklist? An inspection criteria sheet (ICS) or simply a QC inspection checklist outlines quality requirements and specifications with your products in a way that makes them clear, concise, and user-friendly for your supplier. It’s one of the simplest, yet most effective, ways to prevent defects in your goods. Why you should create a quality control inspection checklist? The 2 purposes of a quality control inspection checklist are as follow: Outlining quality standards and product requirements of the supplier and importer as you expected the shipment to meet and Providing objective criteria for inspecting the product to ensure the customer’s expecta

Why You Need a 3rd Party Product Inspection Company to book Lab Testing

Source: Accredited Test Lab If you’re an importer who’s new in the business, there are a number of things you need to know. For instance, your country or target market requires that the products you’re importing need to be certified for quality and international standards based on the  AQL table . The authorities will require a test report from an accredited test lab for that. So, should you directly book the lab test with the accreditation test lab or can your supplier in the goods origin country do this for you? There are some considerations to make here. But a rule of thumb, my advice is that you should never let your product manufacturer or supplier book the lab test on your behalf. This is why don't let your manufacturer book lab test for you: There are some considerations to make here. But a rule of thumb, my advice is that you should never let your product manufacturer o

USA-China Trade War, The Huge Impact on Supply Chains

USA-China Trade War began in June 2018 Source: When the trade war between global trade superpowers the US and China began back in June 2018, very few importers of consumer goods seemed to get alarmed. Hardly anyone, not even policymakers or global trade pundits thought it would continue to the level it has reached anyway. Although the American government was already levying significantly huge worldwide tariffs on both steel and aluminum goods, no major direct impact was expected on the importation of consumer products. Besides, most people assumed that the US and China would sign a truce, and the entire global trade war would disappear as suddenly as it had appeared. Tariffs 25% targeting goods valued at over $200 billion Fast forward to October 2018 and it became clear that the assumptions could not have been more premature. The global trade war is persisting as we speak. In fact, it has even g