Cosmetic products importing from China and quality control services

Cosmetics and skincare products that apply to people are quite sensitive products as it applies onto peoples, and lots of these cosmetic products importing from China, you will see different kinds of cosmetic products in market marked Made-in-China.

Different kinds of Cosmetic Products from China

1) Atomizer; 2) Liquid Foundation; 3) Compact Powders; 4) Cosmetic Sets; 5) Eyeliners; 6) Eyeshadows; 7) Eye Serum; 8) Eye Mask; 9) Lip Gloss; 10) Lipsticks; 11) Mascara; 12) Nailpolish; 13) Nailpolish Removers; 14) Pearlescing agent; 15) Emulsifier; 16) Paraffin Oil; 17) Greases; 18) Antiseptics; 19) Surfactant; 20) Cationic conditioners; 21) Silicone Fluids; 22) Humectant; 23) Hair ; 24) Shampoo; 25) Hair Styling Gel; 26) Shampoo Conditioner; 27) Neck Mask; 28) Neck Firming Cream; 29)Shower Gel; 30) Body spray; 31)SPA Aromatherapy Oil; 32) Bleaching Lotion; 33) Bubble Bath; 34) Hand and Body Lotion; 35) Depilatory Wax; 36) Sunscreen /Sunblock; 37)face mask; 38)Hotel Amenities; 39)Hotel Bottle Cosmetic; 40) Hotel Tube Cosmetic; 41) Make up Brush; 42) Pure Natural Pralash; 43) Essential Oil; 44) Lip balm;

Some common factors to check for cosmetic products quality control:

Packaging Material
Visual inspection
Stability Testing
Leakage Testing
Flashpoint Testing
NDELA Testing (N-nitrosodiethanolamine)
Allergen Screening
Actives Analysis
Substrate Analysis
Contamination Analysis
Toxic Metals Testing and Analysis
Triclosan Testing and Analysis
Deformulation and Product Analysis
Prohibited and Controlled Ingredients Testing
Microbiological Control Limits and Microbiology Testing
In Silico and In Vitro Alternative Test Methods
Characterization of Nanotechnology in Cosmetics
Product Characterization – physical/chemical specification, internal microstructure

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