Computer accessories from China and quality control services

For computer accessories in China, including input devices, output devices, data processing equipment, and other gadgets, they are computer cables & connectors, Laptop batteries, USB Hubs, Laptop Cooling Pads, Computer Speakers, Laptop Cases & Backpack, USB Gadgets, Memory Card Readers, Laptop Adapters & Chargers, Skin Protectors, Webcams, Mini PCs, Computer Screen Protectors, Computer Cleaners, Laptop Securities, PC Stations, Docking Stations, 

 But the most hot searched products are Game mouse, Wireless mouse, Game keyboard, USB Gadgets and Air fly keyboard & air mouse. 

Quality Inspection with computer accessories 

 We can’t list all common factors for quality inspection here, below are example for reference,


1. Function check: a). Plug in the Power, CPU, memory, hard drive, sound card, video card, network card, keyboard, mouse, etc., connect the monitor to boot. should be no malfunction; b). Play the video files on internet. should be no malfunction;

Computer accessories from China and quality control services


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