10 Common factors to check during a children toys inspection

Below listed are some comment factors to check during a Children Toys Inspection:
  • Food contact.
  • Stuffing material cleanliness.
  • Safety of battery-operated toys.
  • Product risk assessment.
  • Fitness for use.
  • Labeling and age grade evaluations.
  • Packaging and packaging waste.
  • Electric toy safety/EMC.
  • Certification and safety marks.
  • Chemicals: lead/CPSIA, heavy metals, phthalates, RoHS, restricted substances.

Asia Quality Inspection Service (AQI) as an independent third party quality inspection company specialized to provide quality control and product inspection services for importers, buyers and retailers, even Amazon Sellers.

We have well trained quality inspectors skilled in quality control and inspection technique, whose area of work covers whole Chinese production area. and every inspector in our company has many years inspecting experience. These guarantee our constant and high quality of services. the aim of AQI inspection service is to reducing the risks for oversea purchasers and promoting the interaction of international trade.

10 Common factors to check during a children toys inspection

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