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Computer accessories from China and quality control services

For computer accessories in China, including input devices, output devices, data processing equipment, and other gadgets, they are computer cables & connectors, Laptop batteries, USB Hubs, Laptop Cooling Pads, Computer Speakers, Laptop Cases & Backpack, USB Gadgets, Memory Card Readers, Laptop Adapters & Chargers, Skin Protectors, Webcams, Mini PCs, Computer Screen Protectors, Computer Cleaners, Laptop Securities, PC Stations, Docking Stations,   But the most hot searched products are Game mouse, Wireless mouse, Game keyboard, USB Gadgets and Air fly keyboard & air mouse.  Quality Inspection with computer accessories   We can’t list all common factors for quality inspection here, below are example for reference, Motherboard 1. Function check: a). Plug in the Power, CPU, memory, hard drive, sound card, video card, network card, keyboard, mouse, etc., connect the monitor to boot. should be no malfunction; b). Play the video files on internet. should be no malfun

Cosmetic products importing from China and quality control services

Cosmetics and skincare products that apply to people are quite sensitive products as it applies onto peoples, and lots of these cosmetic products importing from China, you will see different kinds of cosmetic products in market marked Made-in-China. Different kinds of Cosmetic Products from China 1) Atomizer; 2) Liquid Foundation; 3) Compact Powders; 4) Cosmetic Sets; 5) Eyeliners; 6) Eyeshadows; 7) Eye Serum; 8) Eye Mask; 9) Lip Gloss; 10) Lipsticks; 11) Mascara; 12) Nailpolish; 13) Nailpolish Removers; 14) Pearlescing agent; 15) Emulsifier; 16) Paraffin Oil; 17) Greases; 18) Antiseptics; 19) Surfactant; 20) Cationic conditioners; 21) Silicone Fluids; 22) Humectant; 23) Hair ; 24) Shampoo; 25) Hair Styling Gel; 26) Shampoo Conditioner; 27) Neck Mask; 28) Neck Firming Cream; 29)Shower Gel; 30) Body spray; 31)SPA Aromatherapy Oil; 32) Bleaching Lotion; 33) Bubble Bath; 34) Hand and Body Lotion; 35) Depilatory Wax; 36) Sunscreen /Sunblock; 37)face mask; 38)Hotel Amenities; 39)Hotel

Umbrella quality inspection procedure and common factors to check

Umbrella Quality Inspection Procedure As a third party inspection company, we ensure that our customers do not face any problem at any stage. during an umbrella quality inspection, the procedures normally follow AQL 4.0 inspection method, but on special case we would follow any inspection method which our customers requested. and our quality control and inspection procedure includes the following functions: Checks all the fabric/accessories to ensure that quality/color conforms to the customer requirement. Our Quality Assurance and merchandising team to evaluate pre-production sample, if the factory is ready for pre- production. Our Quality Assurance team evaluates pre-production and then finally approve for bulk production. As bulk production starts, our Quality Assurance team goes for  Pre-Production Inspection.  At the middle stage of production if result is acceptable and then we go for  During Production inspection . Here we check the case pack, carton quality, shipping mark,

10 Common factors to check during a children toys inspection

Below listed are some comment factors to check during a Children Toys Inspection: Food contact. Stuffing material cleanliness. Safety of battery-operated toys. Product risk assessment. Fitness for use. Labeling and age grade evaluations. Packaging and packaging waste. Electric toy safety/EMC. Certification and safety marks. Chemicals: lead/CPSIA, heavy metals, phthalates, RoHS, restricted substances. Asia Quality Inspection Service (AQI) as an independent third party quality inspection company specialized to provide quality control and product inspection services for importers, buyers and retailers, even Amazon Sellers. We have well trained quality inspectors skilled in quality control and inspection technique, whose area of work covers whole Chinese production area. and every inspector in our company has many years inspecting experience. These guarantee our constant and high quality of services. the aim of AQI inspection service is to reducing the risks for oversea p