What would you like to see and know from semi-inspection with garment?

What would you like to see and know from semi-inspection with garment? is that valuable for assess the quality of garments?

The During production Inspection (DPI) provides a quality check, normally for the first time of the finished products. It ensures that all processes and products are being produced to the agreed standards and timeframes.

Check out below simple process for semi inspection, you probably need a sample report for reference.

Checkings for a semi-inspection(During Production Inspection)

1. Production status Inspection

a. Check the facility
b. Check the quantity of finished and semi-finished products
c. Estimated the capacity of daily output from the production inspection
d. Check the main raw material status
e. Check the accessories and components status
f. Check the packaging material status
g. Check the process flow integrity in factory
h. Check the quantity of workers in production line for client's orders

2. Check the workmanship with the finished products and semi-finished products in line

j. Compare with the shipment sample
k. Check the quality of semi-products in process of color printing, fabric cutting, 

3. Reliability tests:  

Color Fastness Test/Kneading Test/Rub Test/Fabric Weight Check/Printing Adhesive Test/Density of Stitches/Barcode Scanning Test/Tensile Test

4. Size Measurement and Fitting Test

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