Are you concern about how to verify your suppliers in China

We believe most of buyers or importers are concern about how to verify the suppliers in China! just by factory audit? where i can get sourcing support?

As for the business strategy in saving cost, working with the right Chinese suppliers is the single most important success factor for importers.
When you developing a new product takes months and the first batch has no choice to ship by a certain date, otherwise the customers or investors are get mad, but do you have a backup plan?
When you almost out of inventory and would like the shipment arrives 1 week earlier, are you sure your supplier can help you with this?
Don’t worry, most of the businesses interviewed in past years shown that verifying suppliers is the biggest problem they face when importing products from China.
When you’re verifying or audit a potential supplier you are essentially looking at these two aspects:

  • Does the supplier have the ability to produce the products you want to buy?
  • Is the company a legitimate business with good reputation and not a scam or business on the verge of bankruptcy?

We would be glad to answer how we verify your suppliers in China as your eyes or person in factory, find out the details for what you most concerned before placing an order, welcome to share your comments to
Are you concern about how to verify your suppliers in ChinaHow to verify suppliers in China

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