Nov. 30. 2016: LED Flood Lights quality inspection service in Zhongshan, China

Nov. 30. 2016 AQI Quality inspection Notes: 
LED Flood Lights quality inspection service in Zhongshan, China

Flood LED lights specification:
LED Type: Epistar
Color Accuracy(CRI) 
Light color: 5000K
Power: 34.4W
Input voltage: 100-264V
Input Frequency: 50/60HZ
Output Power: 30W
Power Factor: >0.9
LuminousFlux: 2730LM
Beam Angle: 108 Degree
Operational Temperature: -15Degree C~+45 Degree C
Weight: 1.5Kg
Lifespan: >30,000hours

What we can do for your LED products in China

We can recommend you three things to avoid this problems:

LED Factory audit
LED Products Quality Control
LED Prodcuts Test and Certification 

LED Products-Factory audit

The meaning of factory audit is to see if your supplier is able to produce your goods, it's recommended to check the genuineness of your future supplier and the their capabilities. For you,Asia Quality Inspection-AQI Service can help to inspect the LED Factories in China 

During an audit, our auditors will visit the premises of your supplier and will assess its capability to manufacture the required goods with the quality standard you are willing to reach

LED Products-Quality Control

Many suppliers in Asia (and more especially in China) can change your material for ‘’fake material’’ to increase their benefits. To avoid this is better to carry out a quality inspection .

Our Quality Inspection service in China and Asia help you to verify how your production is going on, how is the result of what you are expecting to obtain, what your product is made of, if the production is on time, how your goods are shipped, to monitor your production, and to sort out defective products.

Led light quality inspection
LED Floodlight Quality Inspection Service

Led light quality inspection
Led Floodlight Product

Led light quality inspection
Led Floodlight Running Test

Led light quality inspection
Led Floodlight Product

LED Light Running Test

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