Which is best VR Headset?10 Questions About VR Headsets you need to know

When you are Looking for a virtual reality headset, you always ask someone Which is best BR Headset? here are 10 simple questions About VR Headsets you need to know before you buy it home

  1. Tethered or mobile
  2. Does my PC or smartphone meet the hardware requirements?
  3. Can I afford it
  4. Where do I get it?
  5. What is the headset's field of view?
  6. What is the headset's weight?
  7. Does the headset fits over glasses?
  8. Is the headset ready for augmented reality?
  9. Can I try it out first?
  10. What should I look for when trying on a mobile-based viewer?
Article from http://www.gearbrain.com/10-questions-about-virtual-reality-headsets-before-you-buy-1635372294.html

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