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How to perform quality control with Notepad/Tablet in China?

Tablet Inspection from Asia Quality Inspection Service Some common  tablet  sizes: 7 Inch 7.9 Inch 8 Inch 8.9 Inch 9.4 Inch 9.7 Inch 10.1 Inch Appearance/Workmanship: No scratch, dent, crack, gap, deformation etc on screen and housing. No watermark on screen, No dust inside screen Smooth plating on surface. Speaker, Camera, Screen are installed firmly. MID Basic function test: Normal use No malfunction for basic function check: Power button usage, TF card, transfer box, screen lock . WiFi, Apps, market, Browser, Calendar, Camera, Calculator, Music, Video, Photo/Picture capture, Task manager. System Version/Setting Check Other tests for  tablet quality control : Memory capacity check Hi-Pot test(for adapter) Running test Autonomy play time test Internal check Battery charging check Battery discharging check(autonomy play test) Screen check Tape check on silk- screen/painting/electroplate Rub check on rating label Software version check Dropping test How to perfo