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Reliability color fastness tests during the garment quality inspection

Color fastness is one of the important factors for inspection in soft-line, The outstandingly important property of a dyed material is the fastness of the shade of color. Color fastness refers to the resistance of color to fade or bleed of a dyed or printed textile materials to various types of influences e.g. water, light, rubbing, washing, perspiration etc. to which they are normally exposed in textile manufacturing and in daily use.  Color Fastness test: Soak in warm water for minutes

How to perform quality control with Notepad/Tablet in China?

Tablet Inspection from Asia Quality Inspection Service Some common  tablet  sizes: 7 Inch 7.9 Inch 8 Inch 8.9 Inch 9.4 Inch 9.7 Inch 10.1 Inch Appearance/Workmanship: No scratch, dent, crack, gap, deformation etc on screen and housing. No watermark on screen, No dust inside screen Smooth plating on surface. Speaker, Camera, Screen are installed firmly. MID Basic function test: Normal use No malfunction for basic function check: Power button usage, TF card, transfer box, screen lock . WiFi, Apps, market, Browser, Calendar, Camera, Calculator, Music, Video, Photo/Picture capture, Task manager. System Version/Setting Check Other tests for  tablet quality control : Memory capacity check Hi-Pot test(for adapter) Running test Autonomy play time test Internal check Battery charging check Battery discharging check(autonomy play test) Screen check Tape check on silk- screen/painting/electroplate Rub check on rating label Software version check Dropping test How to perfo