More understanding with the difference between draft report and final report for a inspection

After performing a quality inspection, the inspection report will have a draft and final version, here is more understanding with draft report for the inspection, and find out the different between the draft report and final version, the clients should be full aware of these difference to avoid any misunderstanding of the inspection result,

Understanding with the Draft inspection report

The draft inspection report just show the first overview of the goods quality, it's the main finding during the QC inspection at the factory, it will included all defects found, non-conformities compare to the requirements or standard samples

The inspector is obliged to present the draft inspection report to the factory to have them acknowledge any quality issues found during the inspection (the manufacturer should sign the draft document to aware of the issues).

Understanding with the Final inspection report

The final quality ireport is very detailed and will show all non-comformity and comformities from the requirements, list all defects, on-site tests performed, and explained by words and pictures for all clear understanding of the inspection for the clients

The final report should be checked in detail by the inspection supervisor before being sent to the buyer. The objective is to ensure all the specifications have been verified, all the tests have been performed and the explanations are clear to ensure the client fully understanding what’s the status with the quality of products, and that’s also the reason why discrepancies can be found between the draft report and the final inspection report, and the reason why the draft report copy should not be given to the factory.

So finally the final inspection report is the only one that should be taken into account by the buyer to decide if the goods quality is acceptable or if he should put some corrective actions in place with the manufacturer. The draft report is only a first overview, it needs to be digested and checked.

Do you have other differences that you find between the draft and final quality inspection report? please feel free to let us know, email us or skype are both welcomed, thanks

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