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Battery test in smartphone pre-shipment inspection in China

When you sourcing smartphone or tablets or other electronic products like power bank with battery inside, you will like know  if battery is healthy or bad ,  Is there a way to check battery health? because you  can't find anything about  battery,  Due to battery is really an important component for consideration when placing an OEM smartphone order, so actually most Chinese OEM phone manufacturers are required to do a series of phone battery test before the customers' OEM smartphones shipment. here we are list main tests and standards of  OEM phone battery , including battery test item, the OEM battery test purpose, test method and condition, and the judgement standard of OEM battery. For more questions about the test and quality inspection, please contact AQI Service by  or visit Email us if you more help in battery testing in accredited laboratory

AQI China Inspection Service: Inspection with Ipad cover

AQI China Inspection Service: Inspection with iPad cover

AQI China Inspection Service: Doing inspection with GPS Tracker

Our Inspection was doing inspection with the GPS Tracker by test in the map That's lot of test need to do while in quality check, welcome to with us by or

Frequency channel On-site test with smartphone

Frequency channel On-site test with smartphone in inspection,  AQI China Inspection Service has full inspection experience with smartphone or tablet, check with us by or visit us from

Happy Year of the Horse!

Dear all our friends, Happy Year of the Horse! The AQI Inspection Service here would like to wish you G ood health and lasting prosperity.  祝身体健康、事业发达。