AQI China Inspection Service with Furnitures

Furniture inspections:

As AQI China Inspection Service do lots of furniture inspections each year, our clients import 
a wide range of products include tables, swivel chairs, bar-stools, sofas, patio furniture, desks, wood furniture, dining sets, and end tables. Our inspectors are very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to color, size and measurements, and will make sure the furniture matches your sample.

In our AQI inspections we will check packaging, marking, labeling, illustration, instruction manuals, accessories, bar codes and the aesthetics/appearance of your goods. 

When AQI performing home goods or furniture inspections, we find a variety of defects. we usually classify them as “major” or “minor,” depending on the severity of the defect and also the client’s wishes. However, a critical defect is one that is deemed as unsafe or hazardous.Some common major and minor defects we find during home goods and furniture inspections include stains, scratches, missing screws, scuff marks, water marks, chips, wobbly bases, missing labels, incorrect bar codes and poor painting. 

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