Defect Classification on Mobile Smartphone Inspection

Did you completely understand the defect classification? everybody knows that is very important for your product,but are you fully know how to classify what's the critical defect,what's the major defects and what's minor defects,you will need to know these classification comes from designer,product engineer,marketing,sales,consumers,quality assurance and inspection company's experience etc,

For our AQI China inspection service, we will provide customer checklist to confirm before inspection, as we know during inspection, all defects found are classified into 3 categories: Critical, Major and Minor. These classifications are made based on the following principles:
  • Critical: A Defect that is likely to result in producing an unsafe condition or contravene mandatory regulation. In our normal practice, no Critical Defect is accepted; any of this kind of defect found will be subjected to an automatic rejection of inspection result.
  • Major: A Defect that would reduce the usability of the product, or that shows an obvious appearance defect that would affect the sales of the product.
  • Minor: A Defect that does not reduce the usability of the product, but it is still beyond the defined quality standard.
Defects could be counted as critical, major or minor according to your specifications and inspection criteria.
Today explained the whole afternoon with all these defect classification and MIL-STD-105E to customer, below is another classification on smartphone industry

(1)  不符合安全标准规定;
not complied with the security specification

(2)  对使用者有潜在的危险,如机械材料之锐利批峰。
Has potential danger to the user, such as sharp mechanical cutting

(1)  重要的质量特性不符合规定;
the major quality feature not complied with the specification

(2)  质量特性严重不符合规定;
the quality feature not complied with the specification severely

(1)  电子料的外观问题.
Problems caused by electronic components looks

(2)  一般机械材料(除塑胶壳及包装料)的外观问题.
Problems caused by normal mechanical materials look (except for plastic shell and package)

(3)  不影响装配的轻微尺寸偏差.
Slight dimension deviation which will not affect the installation

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