AQI China Inspection Service pre-shipment Inspection with smartphone/tablet

AQI China Inspection Service pre-shipment Inspection with smartphone/tablet

AQI China Inspection Service as an independent third-party inspection company personalized to provide foreign trade product quality inspection services and project monitoring services for multinational buyers souring in China

Our services included:
Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) 
First Article Inspection (FAI) 
During Production Inspection (DPI) 
Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
Defect Sorting Service (DSS)
Container Loading Supervision (CLS)
Factory Audit (FA)

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5.2Battery fits in the phone for power.电池功能正常
5.3Phone can be powered on.手机能正常开机
5.4Phone can be charged.手机能正常充电
5.5Check whether phone can be fully charged and displays  accordingly on screen.
5.6Phone can be switched on.手机能正常按键开启
5.7When is power is switched on it shows: 当手机开机时屏幕显示正常
5.8When the phone is turned off it shows:当手机关机时屏幕显示正常
5.9Test whether micro SD card can be inserted and used.
检查Micro SD卡是否可以正常使用
5.10Test if calls  can be made from the phone.检查手机是否可以正常通话
5.11Test if call voice is ok to hear.检查手机通话质量是否正常
5.12Test if speaker can be used for calls.检查通话时免提功能是否正常
5.13Test if SMS can be sent from the phone.检查手机短信发送功能是否正常
5.14Test if SMS can be received from the phone.检查手机短信接收功能是否正常
5.15Test if GPRS can be used from the phone.检查手机是否可以使用GPRS网络
5.16Test if browser and Google Play store is working over GPRS.
在GPRS网络下检查上网搜索功能以及Google Play Store
5.17Test if GPS is working without support from GSM. GPS Test.apk can be used for this.
在没有GSM支持下测试GPS是否正常工作,需使用GPS Test.apk
5.18Test if rear camera working.检查后置摄像头功能是否正常
5.19Test if front camera working.检查前置摄像头功能是否正常
5.2Test if video can be shot through camera.检查摄像功能是否正常
5.21Test if brightness can be adjusted for screen.检查屏幕亮度是否可以调整
5.22Test whether alarm is working.检查闹钟功能是否正常
5.23Test whether calendar is working.检查计算器功能是否正常
5.24Test music formats can be played.检查多种音频格式是否播放正常
5.25Test video formats to play on the phone.检查多种视频格式是否播放正常
5.26Check whether bluetooth function is working.检查蓝牙功能是否正常
5.27Test whether the phone can be connected to PC and file transfer can be done.
5.28Test wifi of the phone.检查手机的Wifi功能是否正常
5.29Test hotspot of the phone.检查手机的热点功能是否正常
5.30Check international languages present in the phone.检查手机国际语言
5.31No chinese language present in the phone.确认无任何中文语言在手机内
5.32Check frequency channel test.检查信道测试
5.33Check RAM in the phone with Spec检查手机RAM规格
5.34Check Processor speed  with Spec.检查手机处理器速度规格
5.35Android version Check with spec检查手机安卓系统版本
5.36Check internal storage with spec.检查手机存储容量
5.37Check dual SIM operation.检查手机双卡操作功能
5.38Check vibration of the phone.检查手机振动功能

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